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We encourage those with private vessels to visit Malamala Beach Club. Please note the following and ensure you call ahead to the club on the day for mooring availability:

  1. A Landing fee of FJ$30 per person is payable upon arrival at Malamala Beach Club at “The Hub” (reception). There is also a minimum spend on the island of FJ$50 per person.

  2. To check mooring availability, please call ahead to the club on the day at 8928488 or 9926817. Should there not be any moorings available, then the island team can direct you to a safe anchorage where you can drop anchor to avoid any damage to the reef and our tender vessel will transfer you to the jetty.  Unfortunately, overnight moorings are not permitted and private vessel tenders are not permitted on the beach or to be tied up at the jetty.

  3. Malamala Beach Club is open to private vessels each morning from 9:30 am unless it is closed for private charter and closes at 5.30 pm.

  4. We do not take bookings for moorings as they are on a first come first serve basis but vessels must be less than 5 tonne. 

  5. Tendering service from/to private vessels to the jetty is suspended every day upon the approach of the South Sea Cruises vessel from the following times 10:15 am, 12:15 pm, 4;30 pm, and 5.00 pm until the vessels are well clear of the jetty.

  6. Should you wish to book a Beachside Cabana (for 1-2 people), Grand Cabana (for 3-8 people), or Poolside Day Beds (for 1-2 people) we recommend you pre-book these as they are often sold out weeks in advance. These also need to be pre-paid prior to arrival and can not be paid for once on the island. To confirm these please email and the reservations team will forward a confirmation with a payment link. Please also note, we can only reserve up to 6 poolside day beds per party booking.

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